February 28, 2005

Digging for our Roots

My son and I are reading Ruth Beechick's delightful study called "Genesis: Finding Our Roots." If you have never study the book of Genesis, or gotten past chapter one ('In the beginning...'), this book is well worth the effort.

Beechick is a well-known homeschool advocate and author (Google on her name and you will see some of her books) and has written this study into the first 6 generations of Adam. We are using this book to trace biblical history along side our study of Ancient Greece and Rome. This book, while written for children, is sturdy enough to engage most adults.

One of the first 'ahas' in the book came when Beechick explained how the dinosaurs fit into the grand scheme of things. In fact, she has provided convincing proof on many not-so-clear passages in this first book of the bible (giants and dragons). I won't give the story away because I think it is important that you go and check it out yourself.

Crossposting here...

I have spent nearly ten years researching my family lineage and have uncovered a very interesting past (yes, we are related to Daniel Boone and no, we are not direct descendants of Betsy Ross). I actually started my research in 1995, the summer after my grandmother, Mabel, passed away from cancer. My grandmother was the one person who was interested in her family history. Our family doesn't have the most sparkling lineage (we have moonshiners, gunrunners, and derelicts mixed in with a whole passel of preachers and missionaries) but to my dear "Nanny" it meant everything to her.

I had the oppportunity to visit with her the month before she died. My mother had travelled to Jacksonville, FL to spend three very long months sharing the burden of caring for her (along with her sister and cousin). We knew the end was very near as Nanny had lost her sight and spent most days in pain. The family made the trip to Florida because, well, Nanny, was just special to us. On this trip, Nanny, gave me my charge: find our family roots and share it with her great-grandchildren.

I had always been interested in history but knew absolutely nothing about genealogy or the process of tracing one's heritage. I made quick work of it and dug in hoping to uncover the truth before Nanny passed away. Never did I realize that 10 years later I would still be searching for missing links and lost ancestors!

My search for my roots led me to the Internet, then just in it's infancy, and has turned out to provide a nice side income for me (as website designer). My first website was one designed to assist researchers in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. It has been online since August of 1996 and we have been blessed to have had over 300,000 visitors since that time. The site has now grown to over 1000 webpages and provides hands-on research and record data to researchers all over the globe.

If you are interested, come visit our site:


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