March 22, 2005

ESO What?

To further my goal of self-education, I have decided to become an honorary sorority sister in the ESO - Epsilon Sigma Omicron Society. Epsilon Sigma Omicron is an Honorary Sorority reading program, a part of the General Federation of Women's Clubs Education Department.

Mrs. Quincey A Meyers of Perrysville, Indiana founded ESO in 1928 with the assistance of the Indiana University. ESO became a part of the General Federation of Women's Clubs in 1950 and the California Federation of Womnen's Clubs received its ESO Charter in 1954.

The purpose is ESO is:
  • To encourage a woman's pursuit of higher education
  • To improve current and develop new study skills
  • To stimulate systematic home reading and study with minimum supervision
  • To encourage the establishment of home libraries and greater use ofpublic libraries
  • To encourage the formation of reading/study/discussion groups
The Sorority motto, "Enlighten Thy Own Pathway" is translated from the Greek "Epilame Ten Saudow Hodon."

The levels of acheivement in ESO are:

Pledge; Member; Century (some chapters add other levels)

To pledge, I will be required to read 16 books and prepare a short summary on each. To become a member I must read 48 books and to achieve a century rank, read 100.

While I will be pledging membership within my own woman's club, I am planning on starting an ESO Yahoo Group that would be open to anyone interested in becoming and ESO Reading for Life Member.

Stay tuned for more details...

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