June 10, 2005

Trip to L.A.

My brother and his family live in So. California. We try and get together with them twice a year, usually in the spring/early summer and then around the holidays. We used to see them more often but as we have gotten older, it just becomes so much harder to make the trip. Their children (4 of them) range in age from 13 to 21. You can imagine the life they have with sports, music/dance/drama, and other church activities.

The weekend will be one of our trips to visit this year. My niece is leaving to go with Teen Missions for 55 days. She will be serving on a missions team in Ethiopia and Uganda. My brother and sister-in-law are nervous to say the least.

My niece is 15 and will be a sophmore in high school. She is a beautiful girl, tall and willowy, with the sweetest spirit. She is very creative, a lovely dancer, and thinks she would like to work in theater or some other area creating costumes. She is a talented seamstress and makes costumes for her dance recitals, school programs, and many, many home made movies (my older nephew is the movie guy).

This weekend we are also going to her high school to see her dance recital. She attends a Technical and Performing Arts school so the program is expected to be really awesome.

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