August 14, 2005

Travel Log - Day 3

Today we are driving to Salt Lake City and then on to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We forgot to add that among our park tours, we will be spending some time at the Grand Teton's in Wyoming. I have never been to this part of Wyoming so I am very excited about seeing them. I have seen beautiful photos of the Teton range and hope to get some good pics of our own.

We plan on driving by the Great Salt Lake and stopping so that ds can stick his feet in the salt sea. Instead, we take 80 West and drive up to Park City and Deer Valley to see where the Olympics were held. It is a warm and sunny day and traffic is light on 80. Park City is an adorable town -- very pricey to live in -- but nonetheless a sophisticated western town. We stop by a cute Victorian home that was offered for sale at $800K -- nothing fancy mind you -- and a home in need of major work. It was small, a two bedroom, wood clad Victorian home. I honestly do not know how people can live here because housing is out of the reach of most families.

Playing with the Camera
Olympic Ski Runs at Park City, Utah

Our next stop is Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Another long day's drive but we are anxious to get to Yellowstone.

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