August 15, 2005

Travel Log - Day 4

Grand Tetons and Wyoming

Well, after a very long day's drive through some of the most verdant and pine covered/timbered landscape, we cross the border from Utah into Idaho and then on to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have never seen the west as our pioneer ancestor's did but can imagine what it was like for them when we drive through this part of the country. It is just as wild as the west can be and we take a country road through the backwoods so we can see the horse farms and cattle ranches that dot the horizon. The creeks run through stands of birch and aspen trees as the pine peeks over the top. It is breathtaking beautiful (do you see a thread here - beautiful - I need to think of another word because you will get bored to tears with me saying it was 'beautiful!').

The Chapel of Transfiguration
Grand Teton N.P.

This is my favorite photo from Teton N.P. I took this shot from inside the chapel, looking out the window at Grand Teton (the mountain in the forefront).

We arrive at Grand Teton late in the afternoon and visit the park but decide to drive through it to Yellowstone. We will come back to the Teton's on our return trip so today is really just to browse about, uncover some good hiking trails and picnicking spots to visit on our return leg.

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