August 15, 2005

Travel Log - Day 5

We drove through Yellowstone last evening, not knowing that the trip would take us 90 minutes from the entrance at Grand Teton to the exit in West Yellowstone. It was an eerie experience to drive through such a famous national park at night. We are on the lookout for bears and elk but our drive passes without any incidence. We do smell the familiar sulfur and see puffs of mist rising from the mud pots, geyers, and other volcanic openings scattered throughout the park. Our night will be spent in West Yellowstone in a hotel. Our reservations at the KOA campsite are not good until this evening so we have to find a place to stay that won't break the bank. Our luck - we do find a place - though it costs us a good deal more than we had planned on spending. We are tired and need a good night's rest.

We get up early and our hotel has a continental breakfast with fruit, bagels, waffles, yogurt, donuts, cereal and loads of gourmet coffee (hey, I didn't even ask for the gourmet part but I am very, very thankful this am). We eat a hearty breakfast and pack our lunch to help save on some costs.

Yellowstone in the morning is glorious. It defies words. It is cold, only in the low 40's, but clear skies and bright sunshine promise a good day for hiking and exploring one of our country's finest N.P.'s.

Hot Springs in Yellowstone N.P.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we spent the evening driving through Yellowstone and kept a keen eye out for wildlife. Well, we hoped to see bears. Here in Arizona we have lots of Elk, some Moose, and Mule Deer. We also have a growing population of Bald Eagle. We have some black bears too - but they are not very frequently seen in our are of Metro Phoenix. We really wanted to see bears, black bears, brown bears or grizzly bears. Every where we walked, hiked, and drove, we saw signs warning us about the bears. We heard stories of families seeing bears near us, in the camp sites, and on the trails. But to our chagrin, we saw no bears in Yellowstone! Maybe better luck in Glacier.

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