August 12, 2005

Travel Log - Day One

We finally got the car packed and are on the road. It is hot here in Arizona and very humid. We are really looking forward to getting out of the desert summer and into some cool, mountain air. It is raining as we travel through Kingman and on into Nevada. We are all excited, ds the most, and are finding it hard to contain our joy at the thought of actually getting under way.

I should mention that we have debated leaving today. We had hoped to leave last week but a last minute job came up and needed our full attention for the week. We also needed to make arrangements for our cats and our house (thanks to my parents, both are covered) and to pickup our cool rental car (a SUV). We knew we would be camping and our well-used sedan just wouldn't make the 3000 plus mile trip.

So here we are (actually I am writing this after the fact) in our new SUV, eating M&Ms, and singing to our favorite CDS (ds is begging for Styx but that is a last choice - Yanni, Enya, John Tesh along with some good oldies like the Moody Blues, The Doors, Simon and Garfunkel). I should mentioned that we are a car-driving vacation loving family. We like to drive in the car and often take short trips around Arizona on a few minutes notice. We love to look out the window and often make side trips to interesting places we spot along the road. We always try to incorporate anything educational, historical, or most all national or state monuments. DH is a great driver and never seems to get tired. Mom loves to just look out the window and dreams often of what life must be like for the families that live in the homes we pass on small country roads, large interstates, or even mountain trails.

We hope to make it to St. George today. We are driving on a prayer as we have no accomodations set for us this evening. DH and I never make reservations - except for our two camping destinations, Yellowstone and Glacier. We usually just arrive in town and drive around until we find a place to stay. We are not big campers - not that we don't necessarily like camping - but just that we have never really done it. This year though we are planning on camping for two weeks -- a lot for newbie campers like us.

Lake Mead, Nevada

We arrive in Las Vegas and take a slight detour through the strip. It has been 30 years since I was last in Las Vegas and my, oh my, has it changed. In hindsight, I wish we could have by-passed it -- but we wanted to see the famous hotels and casinos -- ds saw more than I was comfortable with as far as the female persuasion was concerned. Thankfully, he was more interested in Treasure Island, the Eiffle Tower, and the cool pyramid hotel, than anything else.

After a very long day's drive, we finally arrive in St. George and find a room for the night. There is considerably road construction in the down-town area but we are grateful for a safe journey, a warm bed, and a good nights sleep.

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