November 29, 2005

Down with the Flu

This past week was meant to be enjoyed. Family had travelled from far to celebrate both the Thanksgiving Holiday along with my in-laws birthdays (MIL on 21st and FIL on the 26th). We had big plans...a 75th birthday party for Dad as well as lots of kid-friendly family time (games, movies, swimming, and just hanging out). But instead, some of us came down with a rather nasty bout of viral gastroenteritis (stomach flu). It started with my BIL and nephew who became ill shortly after arriving at my in-laws home. Everyone else seemed to dodge the bullet until yours truly fell under on Saturday.

I have not been this ill in years and do not recall really ever experiencing such a violent upset to my tender and somewhat sensistive digestive system. My dear dh and ds spent most of Saturday, all day Sunday and most of Monday caring for me. I am blessed as they ran to and fro with blankets, pillows, 7-up, and crackers, just to ease my sick tummy.

Today, I feel wonderful. My side still aches and my back hurts when I move just the right way, but the illness has passed (just as I heard it would - 2-3 days and it was gone). It was really awful but I have to say that if anything good can come from getting ill this way, I guess it would be that I got to relax and sleep to my heart's content. I also got to see the great job both hubby and son did around the house. I really appreciate all they did while I was out of commission. They saved me from returning to a sink full of dirty dishes and a house unkempt.

I wish you all well and that you and your family can escape this virus this holiday season. I have read online and heard from friends that it is fast-moving and spreading all over the country. Stock up on 7-up, crackers, chicken soup. Take care.

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