November 25, 2005

Family Visits

Our Family

My husband's family is in town for the Thanksgiving holiday. His sister and her family have travelled from Liberty, MO to spend the week with us. Dh's father and mother both celebrate birthday's this week and his dad is turning 75 on Saturday. We are having a massive 75th birthday party for him and are expecting 75 in attendance.

Dad singing "Because He Lives"

Ps. DH's father suffered a massive stroke 12 years ago on November 3rd. He was left partially paralyzed, almost blind, and disabled. He was 62 at the time and president of a Christian High School in San Francisco. He has lived with this disability all these years and although he wishes he could see better (some times he can see, othertimes he cannot), his spirit has never diminished. He loves the Lord Jesus and has a special ministry, a gift from the Lord, to share the love of Jesus with all he meets. He is very social and loves to chat with everyone. Not a moment goes by that he doesn't stop and talk with strangers and ask them if they know Jesus. He invites them to church, he prays for them, he loves them just as he can. He is a testimony to the faithfulness of God, the deeply rooted love of our Saviour and that perserverance is not as difficult as we like to make it. He is a blessing to our family and we cherish our days together.

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