November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Blessings!

"And it is further recommended, that, together with devout Thanksgiving, may be joined a penitent confession of our sins, and humble supplication for pardon, through the merits of our Savior..."
~United States Government Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1777

Today is Thanksgiving. As we are getting ready to celebrate this most thankful day with our family and I want to take a moment to give thanks to the One who deserves our unending thanks. It is without hesitation that I say that I am thankful to God above for his great care and mercy, his never-ending forgiveness, and his daily participation in my life. I am truly blessed to have family around me who love the Lord and walk in his ways. They are a light to me and help to guide and direct me as I traverse the ways and means of my life. I have good friends, new and old, who share with me their love of God, home and family and offer wise words of support and encouragement, often at the most opportune moments when I need to hear it most. My husband and child are the focus of my life and I give thanks to God every day for this gift. I do not know what kind of life I would have had or where I would be without their constant love and support. I am thankful to our founding families (not just the fathers but the mothers and their children) who came to this great land in search of a dream - a dream born out of their love of God and their desire to live in a way that pleased him. Without their deep sacrifice, we would not be reminded yearly to give Thanks to our Creator.

Family Blessings

My hope and prayer is that today you would receive the Lord's blessing upon your life and that as you share in the bountiful harvest around your table, you would take a moment to reflect and give thanks to the Lord, for he is SO GOOD!

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