November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Eve

Tonight we went to church for our Thanksgiving Eve service. It was a service of thanks and celebration and it was perfect. Our church is small and is an evangelical Covenant church. I was not raised in this denomination but have for many years attended non-demoninational Bible churches. We recently changed churches so we could fellowship in a smaller setting and also attend with my parents.

Anyway, tonight we had several people share testimonies of their thankfulness to God. It was a tearful time as pure hearts shared with humility all the the Lord had done for them this past year. I am so grateful for the honesty in my church. I am thankful that while we may be simple in our approach (not the best music or best ordered service), we are real and filled with loving and living "Christ followers." Not a Sunday passes that I don't learn something new, take home words of wisdom to meditate on, or stand convicted of unconfessed sin in my life.

God in his ultimate wisdom has chosen for us to learn to be humble through his life-breathing Spirit who gives Grace and Mercy to all those who diligently seek after Him.

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