December 27, 2005

Oh, How Nice...Or Did You Say Mice?

Mice. Two of them. Blackie and Stripe.

Yes, my DS asked for mice for Christmas. He has wanted a pet of his very own and has asked for cats, kittens, puppies, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, tarantulas, snakes, and just about anything in between. So far we have held out. We have one cat, a very old one, that lives with us. We have one adopted feral cat that lives out doors. Our second adopted kitty, Caesar, passed away from an upper respiatory infection this summer. It is no wonder why DS wants his own pet. I mean, he is 12, and in the past couple of years, has witnessed the passing of all our beloved housemates, save one (Zachary, soon to be 16 years old).

DH and I discussed our options and decided that mice were a good option. Needing to be considerate of the King and keeping his domain in tact, bringing a larger animal into our home just didn't seem right. Mice are small. They are unobtrusive and if we are lucky, will not even be noticed by Z.

We spent several trips to Petco looking at all the mice and rats. I am partial to rats -- not sure why -- but I know they are keenly intelligent and very friendly. I like them, I like that they can be trained. I like that they live 5 years. But a rat needs a large cage and our goal here is to unobtrusive. Mice are better.

DS recieved a cage and supplies for Christmas and the day after, took his Petco card to the store to buy his mice. He chose one black female and one brown/white striped female. We brought them home and set them up in their new home in his bedroom. Well, wouldn't you guess it but Stripe (can you tell which one??) turned out to be quite the little escape artist. She took 3 tries and then was finally able to flatten her little body and push her way through the cage and outside of it.

Mom left DS at home manning the cage and headed back to Petco to purchase a 10-gallon tank. Once home, Stripe and Blackie, were moved into their second home. Much safer for me and much safer for them.

I have to admit...these little gals are really cute. They are very friendly and now let us pick them up (they actually come to our hands on their own). I really like to watch them - they just never stop working, digging, or burrowing. They are very clean and neat and just are so adorable. DS loves them and has gotten used to the wheel squeaking every night. The water bottle clacks - still need to figure out how to keep that from happening. Overall, we are very happy with our newest little pets.

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School Marm said...

Well, Z finally noticed the new critters the other day. I happened to be in DS' room and Z casually followed me inside. I didn't notice him at first and was peeking inside the tank to see how the 'gals' were doing. Stripe was running on her wheel and before I knew it, Z had perched himself directly across from the tank. He was peering intently at the wheel and I just knew he wanted a closer look. I shewed him out and attached the small clamps we purchased to keep the lid firmly on the tank.

So far so good...the mice haven't noticed him and Z has been contented to simply peer at them through the glass. Keeping fingers crossed that he doesn't land on top of the screen or ??? worst!