January 12, 2006

Blog Game - Thanks Tootlepip!

I was over at Tootlestime's Blog and decided to play the Blog Game.

Four Jobs I have had in the past:
1. Website Designer (current job)
2. Children's Ministry preschool director
3. Software/Hardware Contract's Administrator
4. Computer Operator and PC Technician

Four Movies I watch over and over:
1. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
2. Pirates of the Caribbean
3. Sense and Sensibility
4. Brigadoon

Four Places I have lived:
1. Phoenix, AZ
2. San Jose, CA
3. Hazel Crest, IL
4. Bakersfield, CA; Rochester, NY; and Baltimore, MD

Four TV Shows I watch:
1. CSI, Miami, NY
2. Law and Order; Criminal Intent
3. ER
4. As Time Goes By (and most anything British)

Four Places I have been on vacation (this year):
1. Glacier Park, MT
2. Yellowstone National Park
3. Zion and Bryce, UT
4. Grand Canyon, AZ

Four Websites I visit Daily:
1. My own (homeschool)
2. My business website
3. My blogrings
4. Ambleside Online and all my Yahoo Groups

Four Favorite Foods:
1. Italian (Lasagna, Pizza, Pasta)
2. Chinese
3. Pastries and anything that goes with tea or coffee
4. Soups of all kinds

Four Places I'd like to be:
1. Right where I am
2. Scotland
3. England
4. Australia and New Zealand

Tag, you're it!

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