January 21, 2006


The other day, my e-friend, wrote to me to ask me some interesting questions about homeschooling. She and I correspond often, usually about our homeschool, how our kids are doing, or just to encourage and support one another. I love having her as a friend because she always seems to write to me at the very moment when I need a word of encouragement.

I don't have a lot of real friends - not sure why that is - but it has always been this way with me. I have a lot of acquaintances, mostly mom's from church and my home school co-op group. But they are not close friends. We see each other at church, Awana, or PE and we chat and enjoy our time together. But then we go our separate ways and will not meet again until the next week rolls around. That is ok - we are all busy and frankly it is hard to make the time to be a real friend anymore. With a busy family, schooling at home, parents to care for, work, and church volunteer activity, it seems that every day is filled to the brim with something that 'must be done.'

Geting back to e-friends...I have met some of the nicest mom's over the Internet, mostly through my online e-groups like for Ambleside Online. I have e-friends from all parts of the US, Canada and abroad. It is a wonderful thing, the Internet. It bridges the distance gap and brings people together in the most amazing way. I am able to chat and share and pray with Mom's in Texas, Oklahoma, California, Canada, New Zealand, just with the click of a mouse. God is so good. He knows how very much we need companionship and how in our 'rush rush' world, the one thing that seems to be missing, is a sense of community. Sure, we can build our community in the local church or in a small town or city. But we can also be a part of the global community called "The Church". Just think...some day we will all be together in Heaven and I will be able to give all my e-friends a big hug because I will know them, really know them. I may never see them in this life, but I will know them in the next. That is just a mind-boggling thought.


Dawn ; ) said...

I love you that much too, my friend. Maybe one day I'll get down to Arizona after all. Who knows, God may decide thats where I family moves next.

Have a blessed week!

Mama Squirrel said...

It's been great "meeting" you too--I always learn things from your posts! Greetings from the suddenly-frozen-again Great White North.