January 21, 2006

Home is where the heart is...

This morning my mom called me and said she was coming over with some bagels and asked if I would put the coffee on. I said yes, of course. I am really blessed to have my parents live very close to us. They are 2 minutes and 35 seconds down the road - yes, we actually timed it one day. They come over often and make themselves a very big and real part of our lives. We love having them near and so while I was waiting for her to come over, I decided I had better do the dishes. I know, my mother, wouldn't really care that I had dishes in the sink from last night, but it bothers me, so I did them. I like to think when I do dishes and I started thinking about the perfect day. What woudl I consider to be my best - most perfect day? Silly really because everyday is wonderful and I am so blessed with my life. But my mind was wandering and I was imagining my perfect day.

For me, my perfect day actually happened a long time ago. It was shortly after my son was born. He was napping in his room and I was sitting in my favorite chair, cup of tea in hand, afghan on my lap, cat on my lap, book near me, and staring out the window into our beautiful garden. It was raining and it was chilly outside. The grey skies didn't bother me because it was one of those nice soft rains. Not too hard so you cannot see outside, but hard enough so you can see the rain coming down.

It was warm and cosy in the house and I was very happy. My cat, Junior (now buried in our AZ backyard), was purring very loudly. You know, that "I am so happy to be a cat" kind of purr.

I can remember looking at my garden and thinking how lovely it looked. I had worked very hard to build it and over time, it had really become a joy to me. I was a new gardener and built my first 'square foot' garden after watching a program on TV. I ended up building 4 - 16 SQ garden boxes so that the yard didn't look so empty. Those boxes provided produce for us, our friends and family, for many summers.

It is funny how memories work. I can almost hear Junior purr, I can feel the cold against the window, I can smell the Chamomile tea, I can experience the warmth and happiness of that moment. I hope that that moment never gets lost because it brings back such happy thoughts of a home far away and a time long past.

Well, just as I finish the last dish, I hear the familiar "yoo hoo" at the door. It is mom and we are going to sit and chat and have a bagel and a cup of coffee.

What is your perfect day? Do you have a special memory that brings you joy and happiness?

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Mama Squirrel said...

Yes, my grandma hollering "yoo hoo" at the door. She's the only person I know who ever did that.