January 23, 2006


I was wondering how many of you plan for your next school year in January? How many wait to plan until the summer prior to starting? Just curious.

I have been thinking about our next school year. I guess I am a January planner. The year is new and I am busy thinking about goals and what I want us to accomplish. Maybe it is just the excitment of looking forward to doing something new. I am not sure but I always seem to pull my books, cataloques, and other school resources out mid-year and begin to think about our plans.

My son will be in 8th grade next year. Technically, 7th, if we had kept him in the public school system. He is 12 and will not turn 13 until September. We held him back a year because we had to do so. My DH wanted him to begin school at 5 but the state said no, so we had to listen to them. Well, we could have homeschooled but we were so unsure of ourselves and felt that we couldn't do a good job. I mean, it is not easy to homeschool an only child.

We pulled him out of public school mid-way through 5th grade. He started the year as a 4th grader but was at the very top of his class and both the teacher and administrator felt he should be promoted up a grade. This turned out to be pretty disasterous for us (socially, morally). Anyway, we couldn't very well move him down a grade for homeschool, so we just kept him in the same place. I adjusted our curriculum to suit his needs and for the most part, he has continued to excel at every level.

I don't think I want him to start 8th grade in the fall, though. He is big for his age, almost as tall as his Dad (5'8.5). I have been told that he will probably be 6'4" or thereabouts once he is finished with school. It does put us in a quandry because he fits in with the older kids but socially he is really a year behind them.

Anyway, I am thinking about next year and also high school. I don't want him to graduate early so right now I am planning on doing two years of 8th grade. Of course, he wouldn't know the difference since we homeschool. But this would give him an extra year to mature before he heads off to college. I think he needs it. Well, his mother needs it. LOL!

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