January 1, 2006

Resolutions and such...

I am not much for making resolutions and keeping them (well, I usually make them...just don't keep them!) so in a way it seems kind of silly to go through the ritual once again this first day of the new year. But, this year, I have decided to be more proactive and to actually attempt to keep my New Year's Resolutions.

In no particular order, my hope is to:

1) Lose 10 pounds (always trying, never successful)
2) Work on improving my attitude (keeping a positive outlook) daily
3) Getting fit - working on improving my overall health and fitness
4) Read something inspirational, thought-provoking, and challenging every day
5) Deepen my devotional life (prayer and study time)
6) Organize and use my time better (especially during the daytime)
7) Be kind to everyone I meet (thinking of others first)
8) Allowing no other god's before the One True God
9) Tell those close to me that I love them and appreciate them (often)

and lastly, to be consistent at writing in my blog each day.

1 comment:

tootlepip said...

We seem to be thinking along the same lines. Happy New Year!