January 16, 2006

Spring 2006

I thought I would share what we are currently working on for our Spring Semester.


Continuing our study through the Book of Isaiah. We are using Calvary Chapel's Sunday School Curriculum outline for pacing and their Q&A worksheets for discussion and memory work.


Sir Winston Churchill's The Birth of Britain (Vol 1 of The History of English Speaking Peoples); Joan of Arc by Mark Twain; In Freedom's Cause by G.A. Henty. We are studying the reign of Edward I.


Ivanhoe by Scott; The Once and Future King, Book I by White; Taste of Chaucer by Malcomson; Age of Chivalry by Bullfinch; and History of English Literature by Marshall.

Poetry - not very consistently I should say - we did do a Medieval anthology and are supposed to be reading Tennyson and Keats. Probably will play catch up later on.


Observing God's World (A BEKA) instead of Apologia General Science -- basically the same text, just slightly easier. Next year we will do AP - Physical Science.

Nature Study

Lay of the Land by Sharpe and Life of the Spider by Fabre. Home study -- habitats of mice (we have two of them!)


Continuation of Saxon 8/7. Hope to finish by summer but probably will not do it. Next year, Saxon Algebra 1/2 or maybe just jump into Algebra. We will see.


Daily practice in piano (1 hour), Violin (30 minutes); musical history - yes but could do better. Reading Flemings Art and Ideas for both Art History and Music History.


Studying Vermeer this term - reading Fleming. Hope to begin a drawing program.


Learn French Now - cd's. Not bad. Like them better than Rosetta Stone. DS has a good ear for French.


Ugh! Skipped it again but hope to do Lingua Latin 1 this summer, followed by Lingua Latin 2 for 8th grade. Would like to take Henle Latin in HS.

Citizenship - not really. We have a hard time with Plutarch and Ourselves. I have read both but it is just 'one more' thing to do each week. We usually skip it.


Participating with Athletes in Training weekly.

Grammar & Composition

Easy Grammar 5/6 is working well. Hope to stretch it over two years and then use Warriner's Handbook for HS. Writing weekly narrations but not specific assignments yet. Hope to begin Wordsmith next year.


Beginning Marco Polo for geography. Finished The Brendan Voyage (2 thumbs up) and now moving onto another area. Cannot find How The Heather Looks locally so MP will have to do.


Read Henry V - good as always. Next up is Hamlet. Oh...love it!!

Overall progress is very good. DS is doing well, liking all the books. Least favorite subject is math (go figure)!

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