January 12, 2006

Why I like blogging...

I have only been blogging for a very short time now. I have some blogger-friends who are long-time bloggers. They write the most interesting things and I feel so very inferior to them. My blog is just a jamble ramble about things in my life. Nothing earth shaking going on here...nothing to miss. I wish I could write really awesome and fantastic posts - posts that would make people stop and think. Now that would be something!


I have read some posts recently and one topic seems to keep surfacing...and that is the desire to read God's word and to study it more intently and with more consistency. I find these posts to be very encouraging to me. I am a student of words -- not of the WORD, per se, but of words. I like to read and I read a lot of different things. I can spend hours reading, researching and just browsing through books, magazines, internet articles. I have a problem, though, reading His Word. I cannot stick to any routine and find that I play 'hit or miss' more often than not. It is not something I want to do -- but just something that happens.

Well, something really interesting happened to me the other day. We recently started school again and just to change things up, I decided to read the Bible to my son. My son is not little and is more than able to read the Bible on his own. As a matter of fact, he has for the most part, read through almost half the Old Testament and half of the New Testament. I am not sure why I thought that reading it out loud (at this stage in the game) would matter, but I just did it.

Something really amazing happened. We are reading the book of Isaiah, not the easiest book to read mind you. We are working our way through the Bible and began Isaiah right around Christmastime. My son was eager to have me read to him -- funny huh? It was just wonderful - I read, he listened. We talked. I felt the most wonderful presence while we took the time to read God's word. My son listened closely and actually asked questions! WOW! It was such a warm and loving moment...reading His Word together.

After our Bible reading...I decided to read one of his literature books out loud. I haven't read out loud to him for a year or so because he is such a strong reader. But I chose a book (his least favorite) and decided I would read it. He was quite surprized that I wanted to do it and asked me why? I simply said that I felt that there were points in the book that needed discussion and that when we read them together, we both can learn at the same time.

The very same thing happened. Our school day just zoomed by and we both enjoyed ourselves. So the very next day, I did the same thing and got the very same result. This entire week has been such a blessing to us. DS and I have spent more time together and have really enjoyed studying with each other.

I know this post might come off sounding like my son does his own school -- that is not really true. He does a lot of his own schooling but there are things we do together. HSing has been really great for him and he loves being at home. I have noticed that our routine has gotten a bit stale and that he was struggling a little with his focus and keeping on task.

Anyway, I was really encouraged by his response to my attention. I plan on reading to him each day for the next semester. I plan on us reading the Bible together every day. I think the time expended will reap great rewards (even if only in Heaven).

I would encourage you to spend time today sharing God's Word with your children. If you homeschool, I would encourage you to invest your time into your children's day -- not just as teacher/guide, but as ready and willing participant. I think you will find as I did a special and wonderful blessing in the time spent!

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