February 1, 2006

High School Plan - A

I just reviewed my "Tentative Plan" for high school (posted on this blog a couple weeks ago) and thought I would add a bit more to it. Since I first posted my plan, the Lord has suggested an alternative course for us to follow and I am committed to seeking and obeying His direction.

The biggest change between my tentative and the new plan is the fact that the Lord has placed it upon my heart to accelerate my son up from 7th grade to 9th grade. My DS has been working through Ambleside Online's curriculum for Year 7, which in my opinion, is more accurately 9-10th grade work. He is doing excellent in all subjects and is ready to begin Algebra I in the fall. I see no reason to hold him back and since he is such a strong and solid reader, official 9th grade work shouldn't be any more difficult that our current curriculum and course of study.

9th Grade (2006-2007)


*That I May Know Him (BJUP)
**Why The Bible Matters (BJUP)
***Publishing Great Things (BJUP)
Scripture Memory Work


World Geography (BJUP)
Historical Biographies (AO)
Selected history sources (AO)


Fundementals of Literature (BJUP)
Great Books List (AO)


Algebra I (BJUP)
Standard Deviants Algebra I DVD


The Physical World (BJUP)
Selected Natural History Readings (AO)

English Grammar/Compostion

Easy Grammar Plus OR
Writing and Grammar 9 (BJUP) OR
Jensen's Grammar plus
Written and Oral Narrations
Copywork, Dictation, Recitation

Foreign Language

French - course TBD
Latin - Lingua Latina I


Appreciating Music (BJUP)
Composer Study (AO)
Musical Instrument Practice

Art and Art Appreciation

Drawing with Older Teens
Art History Text - TBD
Artist Study (AO)


Health for Christian Schools (BJUP)


Athletes in Training (AIT) weekly
Karate lessons weekly
daily activity (bike riding or walking with Mom)

More to follow...

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