February 6, 2006

More High School Planning

Okay, so now that I am confident (once again) in our curriculum choice, I decided to spend a little time and plan out (tentatively) our next six (6) years. Oh, I know, you are saying..."You have to be kidding, right?" Well, not really. I am not saying that I am planning out everything we will do for the next six years, but more like laying a foundation, a guide for us to follow. I find it very helpful to see everything laid out in a grid form (spreadsheet) so that I can make my book purchases and let things go that I just don't need to worry about right now. Without a plan like this, often I find myself getting worried that I have forgotten something, missed a book or two, or that we should be doing something I have not added to the list.

We are following Ambleside Online this year and our plans will be to continue with this program through Year 12 (12th grade). To do this and to make sure that my son has satisfied the requirements for our state, I need to make sure we are crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's so that he can get into college or university.

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