February 22, 2006

Scheduling Samples

I think one of the most difficult aspects of using the Charlotte Mason method along with the Ambleside Online curriculum has been trying to get organized. I have made over a dozen forms, charts, and spreadsheets since we first started using AO in the spring of 2004. You will see that each year is different and that I have tested out a number of ways to schedule and track our school year. I still haven't found the "right" way but am OK with this as the years progress (there is no "perfect" way!) Please feel free to download these forms/schedules and modify them if you feel that they would help you get your family organized.

Note: I moderate a group called AO-Member-Schedules. This group is open to anyone using the AO curriculum and who would like to see how others do AO or who want to donate their own daily/weekly schedules.

Some Sample Schedules

Unit Study on World War II

We are currently reading through a short study on World War II (about 12-15 weeks). My son finished almost all of Y8 last December and we made the decision to hold him back and begin 9th grade this fall, 2007. Partly this is to keep him on grade with his peers and also to allow him to turn 14 at the beginning of high school. This study is reflective of my son's love of the topic and as such is very heavy on military books. Feel free to borrow or browse!

British History and Literature (Victorian Era)

We decided to put off HEO Year 9 (American History) until fall 2008. For 9th grade (2007-2008), we are instead focusing on the period of 1800-1900, British History. I plan on awarding one credit in European History for this course of study.

Missey Gray's Pre-Year Schedules

These were put together by a dear AO Mom who passed away suddenly in 2006. The idea behind these schedule was to help an older student transition to AO. The student would complete the Pre-Year schedule first and then follow it with the full-year schedule as designed on the Ambleside Website. You can see her resources here: http://www.geocities.com/justahappygrl/

How to Set a Schedule

Sample Schedules and Forms

The following are some of my schedules from previous years. These pages have links to Word, Excel and PDF samples. Please feel free to use them, modify them to fit your needs.

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