March 10, 2006

A Great Week for Us...

Well, it's Friday and PTL! We have had such an awesome week. We actually did all our school subjects and had extra time to enjoy being together. We took nature walks - HOO RAH! It has been a long time since we got out and walked and it felt SOOOOOO Good. I am feeling better emotionally and am working on losing that 10 pounds I have put on since this time last year. School has gotten back on track and I am tweaking our weekly schedule so that we can get everything in that we put off or have been lazy about completing.

Some changes/new things we are working on:

Shakespeare - We have not been reading Shakespeare diligently. We did read Henry V last fall and DS loved it. We started Hamlet today and DS asked again to read the original play format so I dug out my copy and we are giving it a good try.

Ourselves - we put off reading through Charlotte Mason's Character study because I found the language issue to be a stumbling block. Dear sweet and wonderful Leslie N.L. has paraphrased all of Book I into modern prose and we are using it. What a difference! It is read in companion with Jerry Bridges, "The Pursuit of Godliness!"

Plutarch - ok, I have given Anne W.'s notes a try again and we are reading Plutarch. I took Leslie's advice and we are reading from Our Young Folk's Plutarch in addition to using the Original version.

Nature Walks - as stated above. We are walking 30 minutes every day. Oh, what a good walk does for the body!

Art Study - I printed off several of Henri Matisse's paintings for us to study. I went to the trouble of printing a short bio as well as description on each work (didn't read closely enough and had to edit judiciously). Then I decided to read Miss Mason's advice on teaching art. Her idea is to let the artist convey the message of his work directly to the student. OOPS! I asked DS what he thought and he told me everything he noticed - all contrary to my learned art history education. He just refused to accept that Matisse's Blue Bowl and Lemon is not a realistic portrait (it is Impressionistic and was a forerunner to the Expressionism movement). UGH! I decided that Miss Mason knows best -- less talk-y talk from Mom and more observation. I am now putting the prints into power point for us to simply study them. No more lectures on artist and artistic movements and themes.

Math - we gave up on Saxon 8/7 and decided to work in Algebra 1/2. What a difference! DS say's he loves it and is getting 100% correct. PTL!

Scheduling - I borrowed Pam's son's Year 8 schedule and created a new weekly one for us to follow. Sometimes you just have to borrow from a good friend and "see" how they do school. As a visual learner - I need to 'see' how things work for me to be able to understand them. Seeing her schedule helped me make some decisions on what we need to be doing in our home. Thanks, Tootlepip!

It feels so good when the week just flows well. No hiccups, no crises, no upset. It was a good week and we are all thankful!

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tootlepip said...

I am glad to hear things are going better for you! I think we all have our ups and downs.