March 13, 2006

"A Mother's T.R.E.K."

"A Mother's T.R.E.K. (Totally Random Events with Kids) is dedicated to mother's who are experiencing a deep struggle or trial in their life. Through their story, we will encourage them, but also be reminded of how important our "trek" as mothers truly is.

We have been promised nothing as far as the amount of time with our children... we have no idea when will be our last day with them. Sometimes we just need a little something to help us "re-focus" our day. I pray these stories and lives of others will bless you and yours." ~Amy from

Today has been set aside as a TREK day for us. We are still doing school but we are not going to be rigidly fixed to our schedule. Instead we are going to go where the moment takes us and enjoy our day as it comes.

If you would like to read more about TREK and how it got started, click here: Amy's Dandelion Seeds Blog.

Have a TREK day and take time to enjoy the riches and blessings the Lord has given to you!

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