March 25, 2006

Western History

In my search for next year's curriculum, I have run across a reference to this work on several home school websites. I googled for more information and OUCH!...this text is outrageously expensive. It is highly recommended and is used as a supplemental reader for Veritas Press' Omnibus (7-12th grades) as well as other classical home school curriculum. I know you can find it on eBay for less than the $100 plus price tag but wish I knew if it was really worth the high ticket price. Anyone out there using Spielvogel's text for their high school studies?


On another note, I think I have finally figured out my curriculum situation for next year. I have really researched the various options and feel that our best choice is to stick with House of Education through year 12. I will need to make some modifications and am toying with the idea of taking the history, literature, church history/bible, and art and rolling it into a Veritas-like Omnibus schedule. This would allow us to read all the free reading choices on the list and also read through the books faster. Hence my question about Spielvogel's as I am looking for a basal text to read as an overview before beginning each lesson.


Also, I think we will give Bob Jones' Algebra I a try this year. DS is ready for Algebra and has been working through Saxon Algebra 1/2. He doesn't really like Saxon but it doing well with it. I may also try Standard Deviant's Algebra 1 DVD to visually reinforce the concepts.

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