June 16, 2006

Grace Abounds

I have recently finished R.C. Sproul's wonderful book, "Chosen by God." Subtitled, "Know God's perfect plan for His glory and His children," this small book deals completely with the subject of predestination. I read it initially because it was listed as a "secondary" read for Veritas Press' Omnibus I booklist. I never really gave much thought to the topic because I just considered it one of those "fine points" of dissension between the body of Christ.

WOW! Were my eyes opened after finishing this book. Sproul is a superb writer, masterful, yet clear in his theological explanations and understanding. I learned more about the doctrine of Grace and came to a much deeper understanding of how it operates in my life and throughout the world because of Sproul's book.

If anything, this book has encouraged me to pursue a deeper search for the truth as it is bound up with theology. I have since read Jonathon Edwards treatise "Freedom of the Will" and Martin Luther's awesome work, "On Bondage of the Will." The latter was edited by J. I. Packer and it was mind-opening to say the least.

My desire is to know the truth and I have inquired of the Lord to ask Him to show me the path to understanding and wisdom. Of course, the foundation of all wisdom lays with scripture, but IMHO there are significant doctrinal works that can help the novice reader grasp how great and wonderful our Lord truly is.

I am eager to begin my studies and will be reading through parts of the massive "Institutes on Religion" by John Calvin first and then will pick up on some other significant works by Augustine and Anselm. It is exciting for me to engage my mind in this type of reading and to challenge my understanding -- to push the envelope just a little farther in an attempt to *find* the truth as revealed through scripture and ultimately, in Jesus Christ himself.

"Your Word is Truth" ~John 17:17

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