July 17, 2006

Knowing God

It's been a while since I last posted and I thought I should take a moment and add something new to my blog.

I have been reading...A LOT...lately. I tend to do that...you know...feast or famine...all or nothing. If it is not reading, it is working on my blog or website. It is partly my personality (I tend to be obsessive-compulsive) and partly my temperament. It is something I struggle with and work hard to overcome.

Well, one of the books I have been reading is J. I. Packer's book, "Knowing God." I picked this book up used at our local Half-Price bookstore a few weeks back. It is a suggested devotional book on the HEO Booklist (Ambleside Online-House of Education High School curriculum). I was delighted to find it for $3 and have read it (almost finished) each night since.

I know very little about J. Packer, other than he was President of Regent College in British Columbia and he was/is a well-known reformed theologian. I started reading his book and have to say, it has changed my life. Yes, hard to believe that one book could actually change my thinking, my attitude, and my understanding...but his book has done this.

I have been a Christian for nearly 35 years and considered myself to be mature and well-developed. Ha! Hardly...after reading through this book. First of all, I knew a lot about God but I really didn't know Him. Yes, I have had a personal relationship with the Lord for a long time but my understanding of His grace, His mercy, and His compassion was sadly lacking.

I have been humbled and I have been changed. J. Packer's book has taught me so much about God and about my response to Him. I now understand why we worship a Jealous God (his love for us is like that of a husband for a wife -- his zeal is perfect and our love for him is to be based in fidelity). I understand why He loves us so much and why we are to worship Him.

If you want to really know God, I would consider this book to be vital to understanding how to do that. It is considered a classic devotional book and I can now see why.

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