July 31, 2006

Setting Priorities

Since last March, I have been on my knees before the Lord asking Him to reorder my life. I made the decision to dedicate my life to holy living and to putting the Lord first in all that I do. I have been doing a lot of reading, Christian and non-Christian texts, novels, scholarship, etc., in addition to daily Bible and devotional books. I was heart-bent on filling my head with as much knowledge as possible in my efforts to gain and understand wisdom. The Lord in His kindness and mercy showed me that the only way to gain wisdom and understanding is found through His Son. This realization has changed my entire perspective and shifted my attention away from books and back to God. Hence, my lack in posting to this blog. My heart and mind have been moved and I honestly didn't have anything of value to post online.

Once my focus moved off of me and back onto the Lord, all my priorities changed. My day has been reordered and my thoughts, desires and feelings have shifted accordingly. I am now more conscious of how I spend my time and what I do and say, both online and in person. My time is no longer mine -- it is His and my plans are no longer mine -- they are His. Therefore, I must account for everything I do and the amount of time I spend doing work outside of His program for my life.

One of the areas of biggest concern is the amount of time I spend online. I work from home and home school and both require that I spend significant time online (I design web sites and our hs curriculum is online!) Normally, this wouldn't be a big issue but for me, it is. I tend to allow idleness to creep into my daily work. It is very easy to drift off and read blogs or eloops and before you know it, an hour or more has passed by. The Lord orders my day and He gives me a set amount of time to accomplish His tasks. If I spend my time doing things that are not ordained by Him, then I will never redeem those minutes or hours. Even Christian-type work, while done in the name of the Lord, can pull us off His assigned work.

My desire is to do His work, His way and according to His plan. I want to be able to say that all I know is "Christ and Him Crucified."

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