September 1, 2006

Year 7

Yes, we are getting ready to start our Year 7. We are using Ambleside Online for our curriculum and are anxious to begin a new year. We found AO quite by accident and have been blessed beyond measure by it's thoughtfulness and dedication to excellence. This is a free curriculum for followers of Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy and teaching method. This is our second year homeschooling and our 3rd AO level. DS is flourishing beyond measure, loves school, and has become quite a voracious reader. He spends an average of 1.5 hours each day reading classical literature, history and historical fiction/biography, and natural history and science. He also does bible, math, french/latin, poetry, Shakespeare, current events, music and art appreciation, and much more. AO is a true liberal arts curriculum.

Year 7's focus is the Middle Ages and this is my favorite time period. I cannot wait to begin.

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