November 21, 2006

My Reading List

Well, now that we are settled on starting House of Education for high school, I need to get down to the business of reading books again. I just picked up a couple books to get a head start on next year's program.

On my HEO reading list:

*The Age of Revolution by Sir Winston Churchill
*The God Who Is There by Francis Schaeffer
*The English Constitution by William Bagehot
*Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington by Richard Brookhiser
*John Adams by David McCollough (Pulitzer Prize 2001)

I hope to have all read by the start of the new year (well, atleast a good way through them).

My Classical Studies List:

We are starting the Middle Ages over at Arete Classical Study Program and our first book is Virgil's The Aeneid. I haven't read this book since high school and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Other Good Books:

I just started John Piper's "Desiring God" and so far am enjoying it. I have to admit that I am partial to Pink, Tozer and Packer, but Piper's book is good. It is available online for free here: Desiring God e-Book

My wishlist for Christmas:

*Charles Hodges' 3-volume set of "Systematic Theology." I would also like a copy of Dr. Wayne Grudem's, "Systematic Theology," to use as a comparison. Dr. Grudem teaches at Phoenix Seminary and I have read reviews on his book (dispensationalist theology). I browsed through it at Borders yesterday and it looks very interesting but it is not as concrete as I want (or need) -- I think Hodges would be better to really give me a nuts and bolts understanding of the BIG PICTURE.
*English Standard Bible
*James Ussher's "Annals of the World" series
*John Calvin's "The Institutes" - in real book form so I don't have to print it off line.

Just some light reading under the Christmas tree!!

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