January 5, 2007

Home School Tracker Plus

I recently purchased Home School Tracker Plus, a home school organizing and tracking software management tool. I had used the basic version (FREE!) for the past couple years (off/on) and never really felt comfortable using it. It worked well as designed, but it didn't do what I wanted it to do. I didn't think the Plus version was worth the $40 price tag.

This past January, however, I decided to give the Plus version at try and have to say I was pleasantly pleased with the package. It offers a wider range of tools, more reports, and will post letter grades as well as print out a very nicely formatted transcript. It is not intuitively easy to use, however, and folks who have little computer experience might find the program difficult to use. The support group at TGHomesoft.com's website is very good and it is available to everyone, regardless of whether they are free or paid users.

This is a sample of what my son's schedule looks like with this program. I like it and think it will help me schedule his assignments and track his progress with minimal time on my part.

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