April 17, 2007

Material Thoughts

Forbid it, Lord, that our roots become too firmly attached to this earth, that we should fall in love with things. Help us to understand that the pilgrimage of this life is but an introduction, a preface, a training school for what is to come.

Then shall we see all of life in its true perspective. Then shall we not fall in love with the things of time, but come to love the things that endure. Then shall we be saved from the tyranny of possessions which we have no leisure to enjoy, of property whose care becomes a burden. Give us, we pray, the courage to simplify our lives.

So may we be mature in our faith, childlike but never childish, humble but never cringing, understanding but never conceited.

So help us, O God, to live and not merely to exist, that we may have joy in our work. In your name, who alone can give us moderation and balance and zest for living, we pray. Amen. -Peter Marshall

My thoughts have been running towards materialism the past couple days. I have been thinking of what we don't have and what I wish we did have and it bothers me. Don't get me wrong, I think it is ok to plan and to think and to dream about the possibility of "things." I just think that when you start to focus on "things" you begin to lose site of what you already have and you stop moving forward. You look in and behind but you don't keep looking forward.

Jesus told his disciples to follow Him, not wander around behind him, but to follow him. In Proverbs, we read over and over again: do not look to the left or the right, keep your gaze straight ahead. God knows that for us to be happy and content our source of joy must come from the One who can fulfill all our needs and supply us with every want.

My favorite verse is:

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." ~Psalm 37:4

The Lord will change our desires to match His and will give freely to us from His abundance. Our eyes need to be focused on Him and on His way. We are called to follow the Lord -- let us follow him with gaze firmly fixed and without turning to the left or right.

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Anonymous said...

It's me commenting again. Do live in my house because the DH and I were talking about the same thing. Sometimes I wish we could where blinder like horses. I am okay as long as I don't look around to much. That is why internet shopping is good. I may have to pay shipping but not going into the store means less money spent getting side tracked. It happens with curriculum too. LOL

I have big "stones" of God's provision and granting my heart's desires by keeping my eyes on him. One includes free siding and windows.