June 3, 2007

On Habits

Little ditties from my favorite preacher, C. H. Spurgeon:

Habits soon become a second nature; to form new ones is hard work; but those formed in youth remain in old age. CC121

In other things “familiarity breeds contempt,” but in the things of God familiarity breeds adoration. The man who does not read his Bible much is the man who has a scant esteem of it; but he that studies it both day and night is the very man who will be impressed by its infinitude of meaning, till he will be ready to cry, like Jerome, “I adore the infinity of Scripture.” 1649.151

One of these days you may be unable to get rid of those habits which you are now forming. At first, the net of habit is made of cobweb; you can soon break it through. By-and-by it is made of twine; soon it will be made of rope; and last of all it will be strong as steel, and then you will be fatally ensnared. 3193.189

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