October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

I am not a big "birthday" person. In fact, I am not really into any kind of celebration at all. I do love Christmas and enjoy decorating, but I have never been big on parties and other kinds of celebrations. My parents are pretty low-key about celebrations too, so I am sure this is why I am like them. Mom always could throw a good party and often did when I was growing up. I just remember playing and hanging out...our parties were mostly BBQ or "bring your own dish" types...and were again, very low-key. My husband's family is a BIG party type group. They are the kind to throw well-planned, themed parties and invite lots and lots of people. Any kind of celebration gets the royal treatment with favors, decorations, and games with gift bags. It has been difficult for me to fit in because I really, really do not like all the hoopla. I am very happy to go to a nice restaurant or have a simple family dinner with quiet conversation and a good cup of coffee. I guess it is just the way I am.

I plan on celebrating this year's birthday with my Dad, Roger, like I have for the past 40+ years. Dad and I share the month of October and our birthdays are one day apart (his on the 17th and mine today). We have always celebrated together and usually have our favorite desert -- Pumpkin Pie. This year we are going to Black Angus Steakhouse for dinner so we will skip the pie and have their birthday brownie/ice cream desert instead. Partly this is due to my Mom's ongoing recovery from knee replacement surgery and also because it will be easier on us all. David's parents will be coming along as well and then we will go to our house for "cake". According to my MIL, "you cannot have a birthday without birthday cake!" See what I mean? My MIL has always made sure I had a proper birthday celebration and I appreciate her POV. She is so different from me and I am thankful for her love of partying!

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