November 10, 2007


We are steadily working through our biology text, Biology: God's Living Creation (A Beka Book), this year. It is not a bad biology text, as biology texts go. A Beka tends to focus more on traditional natural science than most textbooks and as such their curriculum is divided into the following categories: Botany, Human Anatomy and Physiology. Life Science, Zoology
and Cellular and Molecular Biology. Some other texts concentrate more on Cellular Biology and Human Anatomy. I liked the way this text was written and think it is compatible with Charlotte Mason's approach to teaching natural science.

We will be doing many of the recommended labs this year, but will not be attempting dissections. However, to gain a full credit in this subject/course, we do need to include a complete lab, so instead we will be watching one or two of these dissections online through "virtual laboratories." Virtual Labs are now very popular and many colleges actually use them instead of physical laboratories. I found this list posted through another home school group and thought I would share it here, just in case you are also seeking an alternative to doing your own lab:

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