November 11, 2007

Call of Duty

In darkness surround
Didst the soldier land,
To lead the way
Into danger's hand;
Into France did he fly
Falling gently from the sky.

Bang! Boom! Whoosh!
Didst the bullets go;
Whizz! Whang! Floosh!
But to the soldier,
Ding! Zzang! Swoosh!
They landed not a blow.

On he went, through the perilous lands,
All obeying on one command:
Set up a station, to which the planes might know,
To send reinforcements, to where they might go;
He did his job, and his job he did,
And then sat he in a bush and hid.

Dawn broke, on that faithful morn
On June 6, 1944;
Where did on the beaches
Land the greatly awaited corps.
Then the soldier, with all his might,
Went out of hiding, to help the fight!
Against Nazi Germany he went,
Like an angel that God had sent;
To destory all evil; to free the soldiers;
All from their certain demise.

One year past, before it was time
For all of them to rejoice, and drink wine;
Nazi Germany had fallen, it was no more;
All thanks to the soldiers, one year before.
Those faithful soldiers in their Call of Duty
Saved Europe and all it's beauty,
From those who wished to conquer all,
They were the ones destined to make it fall.

And now, no more, does the evil Axis exist,
Who captured Europe with an iron fist;
They are gone forever, never to return,
All thanks to the soldier, whose country was his main concern;
He came home after a while,
And met his wife and children with a smile.
He was finally home, no longer gone;
And now it is a memory, a memory of that faithful dawn.

~D.J. Hepburn (age 14)

A proud Mom posts this tribute written by her poetic son honoring those soldiers who fought so valiantly to guarantee our freedom during WWII.

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