November 22, 2007

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like....

Ok, I am not allowed to even speak of "the event" until tomorrow -- that is the rule in our house. My DH is a fanatic about not rushing through the holidays just to get to "--!!". He absolutely forbids any singing, any talk, any hint of lights, tinsel, or cookies....until we celebrate Thanksgiving.

In years past, his drop dead date was December 1. We were not allowed to even begin to think about the big holiday, let along contemplate the year's light show or tree setup, until the first day of December. But after 24 years of marriage and the fact that he has lived with a person who absolutely loves this time of the year, he has mellowed....somewhat. We are now allowed to begin to dig out the decorations and actually put on music the day after Thanksgiving. The tree, however, must stay packed into it's box until 12/1.

Hmmm....I think after dinner today I will start to clear away the clutter from the storage area and just "look" and see what we have in there. I can hear my DH yelling, "NOT!" from down the I will just sign off and put the thought out of my head...until tomorrow!


JacciM said...

LOL. Funny :)

My children had a blast looking for houses with lights on the way back from Thanksgiving at my sister's house. I think we'll put our outdoor decorations up this weekend while it's still somewhat warm out. With the children so little, it seems easier to get excited right after T-day :)

Merry December,

Jacci :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see your photo of holiday decorations! I lived in Phoenix for 6 years and I've tried to describe to my husband the extent to which some families decorate their homes. (We live in the snowy midwest). Now, I can show him!

Tiffany said...

We decorated Saturday! Well we don't have a tree yet but we did everything else. We put on Christmas music, had the fire going and drank hot cocoa. It was great fun!