December 26, 2007

Bible Reading for 2008

I have been thinking about my Bible reading plan for next year a lot and think I am finally settled on the following program:


-Read Starting Your Day Right by Joyce Meyer
-Read one chapter from Old Testament
-Read Matthew Henry Commentary

I reverted back to my 365-Day Bible (NIV), which I have read two times already. This format just works better for me -- I like that I just turn to the correct date and read the selection. It is an easy "no brainer" for me to do each am.


-Read My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers
-Read Psalms and Proverbs (one per night) from Amplified
-Read one chapter from New Testament

Ok, good idea, but not working. I am using my KJV Bible instead of Amplified and I keep on forgetting to read Chambers first!

Devotional Reading

Desiring God by John Piper
The Institutes by John Calvin from
Sermons from
More Pink, Packer and Tozer

This year, I read a similar program but used my NIV Daily Walk Bible in the morning and my King James Bible in the evening. The previous year, I read NIV DWB and Amplified. I have a real preference for reading the AMP so I am going to keep it for my evening program ad infinitum. I have a brand new ESV (Christmas 2007) that has barely been read so 2008 is going to be the year it gets broken in and really read (read well!) I would like to pick up a good AMP this year as well because the copy I have is a very old edition (hardback) and is now rainbow colored from my high liters. I think I may take a trip to Half Price books and see if I can find a new copy at half price!

One thing I plan to continue to do is read Psalms and Proverbs daily. I started doing this in 2006 and have found it to be foundational to my sense of well-being and peace. I like to read them in the evening because they settle my mind and send me off to sleep with a sense of being well-protected and sheilded. I am a VSL (visual-spatial) person and as such have always had a vivid imagination. As a child, I suffered from night terrors and have always found that Satan preferred to attack me during the night hours. Reading the Psalms and then spending time in worship is the best defense against any attack, but for me, it just covers me with God's mighty hand and I sleep in His tender mercy and peace.

So that is the plan for 2008. It will probably change once I get going on it, but one thing is for sure: I do plan to read am and pm, every single day of the year. I have found my daily reading to be instrumental to my faith in God and in my trust and reliance upon Him for my every need. There is something wonderful about spending time in God's Word -- it changes you and then gives you a new and better understanding of how to deal with and live in the world around you.

Be blessed!

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