January 22, 2008

Can I help Mom?

Ok, so I don't have any toddler helpers anymore, but what I do have is a toddler-cat, who loves to follow his mom around and "help" her whenever he can.

This morning, I was pulling clothes out of the dryer, and Gus, my 5 month old cat, decided he would help me. He jumped into the dryer and proceeded to sit on all the clean, freshly dried clothes. After I removed the clothes, he decided to lay down in the dryer.

He also helps me with the washing and will jump up on the washer and watch me put the clothes into it. He follows me into the bathroom and will watch me clean the sink, toilet and tub. Then he follows me back out to the kitchen where he will proceed to open the cabinet doors and stick his head in each one. Usually he will tire out after a while and go and lay down somewhere -- take his nap -- which gives me a huge relief so that I can get back to doing my real work (at the computer).

This is my first attempt at loading a video to my blog. I tried to just load it up to Blogger and the video is really dark. I put it over on my own website so if you want to see "Gus Live," click and it should open in a new window. Thanks for DJ for running quickly and snapping the photo above and then taking the short video for me. Note: no animals were harmed in the making of this video!

I have had cats in my home since I was a toddler. They all have unique and wonderful personalities, but I have to say that I have never had one like Gus. It is probably because I hand raised him from 3-weeks of age. His mom abandoned him (for good reason - he was not thriving) and I adopted him and bottle fed him until he was old enough for solid foods. He still looks like a "preemie" baby, very small, but seems to be healthy and happy. He is not the most affectionate cat, as my DH says it, and doesn't really like to be petted or held much. He does like to snuggle after meals and will sometimes come to me and purr and cry a little bit. My older cats, Zachary (age 17) and Winston (age 9 months), seem to enjoy watching his antics, but don't interact much with him. Winston used to play more, but since his "nip and tuck" surgery last week, has decided he much prefers to sit in the window and just bask in the warm sunshine (he is fine -- healed nicely and has lost all those male aggressive tendencies -- hooray!) Nonetheless, Gussy is in need of a playmate and seems to prefer his Mom most. I usually don't mind, except when he climbs up my leg (like a tree) or dumps over my cups (like he just did a few moments ago) and spills my drink on my desk.

Ah, the toddler years...when will they end? In about a year or two, I guess!

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