February 16, 2008

Family Fun

Dad, Josh, Mom and DJ
February 16, 2008

My nephew (in the Leigh Football sweatshirt) came to visit my parents this week. He is a freshman in high school (and a football player!) and was on spring break. His Mom (a school teacher) and Dad (a counselor) didn't have the week off so they sent him to spend the week with my parents. It was really nice to have him here to visit us and gave my son a reason to ask for the week off too! Our spring break will be next month when my SIL and family come to town for Easter. Oh well...just another blessing of home schooling!
We had a great time visiting and enjoyed getting to do some fun things (golfing, movies, Organstop Pizza). I took this photo with my son's awesome digital camera. It turned out nice of the four of them.

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