February 5, 2008

Politics and Mike Huckabee

Ok, I did it. I actually put my faith on the line and added a political blog sticker to my blog! Ugh! I am probably one of the most a-political people I know and try very hard to refrain from any sort of political discussion. I just don't like them and I don't like what happens to people when they start to discuss politics. I am conservative and I am a Republican, but I don't really wear either label well. I am first and foremost a passionate Christian and as such my allegiance is to Him alone. I do follow the news and I do care about issues that affect my family, my home, and of course, our business. But, I really do not care that much for the whole political thing. I believe firmly in the providential hand of God upon the events in our world. I am not a providential leaning Christian by any means (aka, believing the God has special plans for America and it's restoration). No, I believe in the sovereignty of God and in His complete and careful control of our world and the events that take place. I believe that the person God chooses to be President of our United States will be the person He chooses (for His reasons). It may be Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama. It may be John McCain or Mike Huckabee. God knows who is next in line and it will be as He determines.

Although I am trusting the outcome of the 2008 election to Him, I still believe that as a citizen of the USA, it is my right and privilege to vote in the primary and up coming general election. So with that said, I cast my vote today for the man of my conscience, Mike Huckabee. I don't know if he will win the Republican nomination or not -- the pundits say that John McCain (of my state) is the more-than-likely candidate come convention time. I am not so sure, but we will just have to wait and see.

After I voted, I decided to go all out and show my support. BTW - my dear DH voted his conscience too and chose Duncan Hunter. This is the first year in almost 25 that we have not voted for the same person! I guess we are just getting more comfortable in our own skins and are willing to choose the person we like best.


Celeste said...

Where did you get that "blog sticker" of Mike..I've been looking for some sort of GOP sticker to put on my blog.

If you would, please email me to let me know:

I'd really appreciate it! :)

And here's to a GOP victory in 2012!

Carol Hepburn said...

I used to have a vote sticker, but after he dropped out of the race, I changed it to this one. I got it off his website. I don't know if you can still find stickers over there. You might try...


Good luck!