February 4, 2008

Snow dusting the desert

Courtesy of Star/Republic

It's not much, but it is a little bit of the "winter white" to remind us Southwesterner's that it is supposed to snow in the winter time. When the rest of the nation is blanketed in the "white stuff," and most of our out-of-towners are from northern climes, well, we just like to show off that we "too" can "go white!"

Actually, the cause of the winter weather is a very deep dip in the jet stream and a low pressure area that is sitting over the top of Arizona (oh, did I feel it this morning. I am one of those people who get pressure headaches whenever we get a low pressure area coming through our state.) I just checked the weather news and we are under a freeze warning, but will soon return to our normal sunny days and warmer weather.

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