February 17, 2008

Spring Break

Spring Break 2008

My nephew has come to visit us this week. He lives in Northern California and is on spring break. His dad asked if he could come for the week and stay with my parents and they said "yes!" Of course, how could they say no! The news of a visit brought forth shrieks of delight from my son, who casually asked if he would have to do school. I said "no!" Yes, just one of the blessings of home schooling -- we can start and stop whenever we like and no one can tell us otherwise! Thanks be to God for providing liberty and freedom to choose to home educate!

We have a lot of cool plans for the week including a trip to the movies (National Treasure 2), a visit to the Arizona Science Center, dinner at Organ Stop Pizza, golfing and go carting at Cracker Jax. My son has planned several home movies and spending a lot of time gaming (he has figured out how to play his computer game in multi-player mode on my computer -- without installing it on my system!) He also hopes to record some music as my nephew plays guitar and they will "jam" a bit.

We may try and get out to see some of the Cactus league pitching practice -- if the weather holds. Cactus league doesn't begin until March, but often you can see the pitchers and catchers warm up and run their practices (and get autographs).

My week should be light too and I hope to be able to enjoy some of these trips. Ah, spring break! How fun, indeed!

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