February 1, 2008

Teaching the Trivium

Dawne S. blogs at Oneroom HomeSchool and is teaching her two little ones using a classical Christian approach (Teaching the Trivium and The Well-Trained Mind). She also uses the Ambleside Online curriculum like we do, but follows a 4-year history rotation instead of a 6 year rotation. She gave out her link to her 4 year cycle (for years 1-4) on our AO home school list today. I popped over to check it out and was really impressed! This Mom has done a super job -- I think her book choices and scope and sequence ARE great (good job!) I have always been interested in the same thing -- rotating on a 4 year cycle but never thought I could come up with a reading list that would work for us. Dawne's plan is very doable. Here is her program (a PDF download) just in case anyone might be interested in doing something similar. Thinking...hmmm....how about doing a similar schedule for Y9-12? Oh, I might just have to give that idea a whirl!

8-23-08: Dawne seems to have removed these pages from her blog. I am sorry for the broken link!

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