February 7, 2008

Year 10 Ideas

My Y10 plans have changed...again! Nothing shocking on this front...I always change my plans and I constantly review our program and tweak it (without end). In fact, I consider myself to be a frustrated planner/scheduler. Maybe it is because this is a weak area for me OR maybe I am actually quite talented in this area and it is just my drive for perfection that sets my head swirling?? I tend to think it is the latter and that my perfectionist tendencies are really to blame. Thankfully, after 4 years of home schooling I have learned to let go of some things. I have "settled" on some points (example: how we do school each day) and have stopped nitpicking my curriculum choices and my reading lists.

I also realize that there is NO PERFECT CURRICULUM and that every choice I make will have a positive and negative aspect. We will not like every book we read; we will not enjoy every course of study. This is just LIFE and it is NORMAL. Somehow I do think many home schoolers get caught in the "we need to be perfect" trap and they stress over making sure everything they do "counts." For those of us whose children were in the public school system and faced criticism from family and friends for choosing this route, I think the need to "count" is even more pressing. We need to feel as though what we are doing matters and that there is some "proof" to show that we actually can teach our children at home. In reality, we know that we can do this and that our children are learning quite a bit, simply from being within the family and from having the benefit of individualized instruction. But...there is still this nagging voice in the back of our minds and we find ourselves become over-achievers just to turn it off. Oh well, I know this is how I feel some days...I am sure there are many others who feel the same.

So, back to the plans. I have clarified our pathway for next year and feel confident that I have everything planned out. Our course of study is here as is our Y9 (1oth grade) program. I have also decided (just today) to stop equating my son's grade with his year in school. He will be in 10th grade, but he is not doing 10th grade work. I have decided just to use the level names in HEO -- hence -- HEO Y9. It doesn't really matter that he is a 10th grader, he will be reading the Y9 booklist. Confusing I know...but it does make more sense. There are many students in House of Education who are reading other levels (7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or even 5, 6). They are not "doing" sixth grade, they just happen to be reading Y6 books.

Oh well...I will post some of my book choices later on, but for now, I am working on finishing up my 40-week assignment chart. I want to have a full year of assignments written down and ready to go when school begins next fall (yes, I am a classic over-achiever!)

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