April 24, 2008

Five weeks and counting...

It is hard to believe but we are down to our last five weeks of school. I have our lessons planned out through the end of May and then scheduled us off for the entire summer. In year's past, we have chosen to home school year round, but this year I decided to move us onto a more traditional schedule so that my son would have more high school opportunities to be with friends (camp and such).

I pretty much have our 10th grade curriculum set. I haven't bought anything yet, but have made my list and know what I want us to use for next fall. I am still wavering on a few items, mostly foreign language, but have everything else selected and even bookmarked (online sites).

One thing we will continue to do is create our schooling online. I made a virtual schedule for my son two years ago (8th grade) and found that it was easiest for me to do. Since I am a website designer, I find working in this medium the fastest way for me to get my ideas and concepts down and published. This past year, I switched us back to a paper system and found that we fared no better in getting everything done on time. My son actually became less independent and would wait for me to tell him what to do. With our electronic schedule, he has access to everything he needs. If he is to read a book online, the link takes him right to the page. If he is to listen to composer music, the link downloads a MP3 file for him to listen to in iTunes. Cool, huh? The only downside is that I don't have a way to actually track what we are doing each day -- I have to keep a paper system for record keeping -- but hey -- I would have to do that any way.

I hope to start working on our new schedule soon. DS has asked if there is a way to do it completely virtual with a tracking system built-in. I don't think so...at least I don't have the software to do that. Good idea though...that kid is always thinking such BIG thoughts!

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