April 26, 2008

Summer is here...

I am thoroughly enjoying these last wonderful days of Spring. The overall daytime high temperatures have been under 90 degrees and the evenings have been cool and breezy. It has been such a treat for us and we are going to miss this spring-like weather come next week. The forecasters are telling us to expect 100 degrees beginning mid-week. It has been several years since we last had cooler temps right on through the start of May. We have been lucky to hold off the century mark some years until mid April. This year, however, we will probably make it all the way to the first week of May. I know...for those of you who live in the North or back east (or even to the West of us), I sound crazy! A 90 degree day IS SUMMER!! Yes, but for the desert SW, our summers peak anywhere from 109-120 so a 90 degree day (with little humidity) is PERFECT!

I have only had my shorts on once so far this month (again unusual -- by mid-March I am in shorts). I have jeans on today and just was thinking that at 77 (current temp), I might even need my sweatshirt for my son's recital today. Laugh if you want...but those of us with thin-blood find 90 degree days cold!

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