April 2, 2008

Summer Planning

My BIL and SIL recently visited us (over Easter) and invited us to stay with them this summer in a rental house up in Aspen, Colorado. Their middle daughter attends a running camp in Ft. Collins each summer, and last year, my SIL made the initial 8-hour drive while another Mom made the pickup trip. This year they decided to take advantage of a friend's offer and use their summer home in the mountains. They have invited us along with my PIL (parents-in-law). We are thinking it over and might just venture to make the trip up from Arizona. We visited friends who lived near Aspen, in Eagle, a few years back and it was a great trip. However, with gas prices being so high, it is hard to say whether a driving trip is a good investment this year. Then again...August in Arizona, is just about enough heat for anyone and a trip north into the cool mountain air might just be worth the extra expense of getting there. Oh well...nice to think about it. We have until July to make a decision so plenty of time to get really annoyed and irritated by the long hot summer!

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