September 18, 2008

Just another one...

Here is one of my favorites. This one was also on my son's computer (formerly mine). It was taken back in 2004 when my son was 11. Wasn't he adorable? I am posting this now because in 3 days that very same son will turn 15 and I think I am going to start crying about that. My baby is almost old enough to drive...aghhhh!

This photo is of three Davids: David Jr. (my husband), David Sr. (his dad), and D.J. (David-James). I have a copy on my entertainment center -- it really is one of my favorite pictures. When DJ was 5, we took a similar photo of the three D's. We are never sure if Grandpa will be with us for another year (due to his condition - stroke and failing health). Grandpa is visiting Missouri this week, so we will have to try and get a new photo of the three of them when they get home on Wed (next).

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