September 18, 2008

Thinking back...

DJ was cleaning off his hard drive today and found this picture of one of our cats. Peanut passed away shortly after this photo was taken. He had liver cancer and developed congestive heart failure. He retained fluid in his abdomen, which is really rare for cats. Typically, dogs who have this condition get "pot bellied". Cats tend to just have difficulty breathing. We had taken him twice to have the fluid removed and this picture was snapped shortly after the last procedure. He was 17 and it was Christmas.

It is funny because one of our current cats, Zachary, looks eerily similar to Peanut (facial expression). Zachary is 18 and has arthritis fairly bad and is very senile. We haven't put him down because he still wants to interact and socialize with the family. But looking at Peanut's face in this picture, I just think that Zachary is probably feeling pretty poorly now.

I don't know...this picture just made me sad. We did have 17 very good years with Peanut. He was the kind of cat that never seemed to get flustered by anything. He survived the Loma Prieta earthquake (7.1 in 1989) and after that shocker, would just ride the waves of all the other quakes and never even open up both eyes (the other cats headed for the bed, the dresser...anywhere they could hide). Peanut just laid there and took it all in stride. He was a magnificient cat in his prime -- beautiful, fluffy and the most delectible color of chocolate brown.

I miss him. He snuggled and loved to lay at your feet. He had a broken cry -- very little sound came out whenever he meowed. Just half-broken little cries.

This picture reminds me of my life and how it has changed (2004 to now). Lots of new things going on, lots of changes.

Thinking can be fun, it can be sad. Most of all, it just causes me to thank the Lord for all the good He has brought into my life and all the happy days He has given me. God is really so very good to me.

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tootlepip said...

Hi, I haven't stopped by in awhile. Boy have you had some changes. This post touched me, we have had our experiences with cats over the past few months and also with major changes in our family. I wish you all the best during this holiday season and the new year!